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This tab category is staffed with books that I have either already written and had Published, or am in the process of writing and am seeking a Publisher for. These books are my intellectual property and are fully Copyrighted, but permission is hereby granted to download any text:

"IF" that downloading is intended for and limited to personal use only, such as personal enjoyment reading, and not making copied of the downloaded text in any way, and not distributing the downloaded text to others either electronically or in hard-copy format. If you think others would benefit from reading my work, then please merely direct them to this Web Page and they can perform the same personal downloading of the same text.

No permission is given to copy or distribute, or otherwise use the Copyright materials in this section, other than as described above.

Already written, Copyrighted and Published books are shown by giving a teaser article to explain the book's focus.

As yet to be Published books are fully Copyrighted and have sample extracts given as a teaser to gain interest.

If you are a Publisher, or know a Publisher, and feel these works have merit then please contact me as the following two works are available for contract:

"Sand Lake - a full length novel"

"Smashing Butterflies - a full length novel"

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