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This beauty weighs in at a gracious 55.9 grams. It is the lighter version of the badge sometimes spelt cupol after the metal the back plate is made of) that is listed in Detlev Niemann's superb text.

This is a well marked, upper end made award with a simple and elegant number "20" on a underside of the thick pin back (ZIMMERMANN). The badge is flawless, except for a minor superficially chipped dimple in the enamel on one arm of the Swastika. The enamel that remains is NOT loose and has never come out or been glued back in, it looks like a superficial chip from whatever impact the badge took once-upon-a-time. No other detractions and the badge has excellent patina. This badge is issued in the GOLD grade, which was for MILITARY personnel that distinguished themselves. These are always much sought after. No defects. 99% of the finish intact and minor wear from being handled for the last 60+ years. It has a graceful patina to it that is perfect in every result.

These badges came about as a result of the invasion of Russia, since that massing of German troops so monumental and huge that there were too numerous acts of bravery recorded among the Nazi invaders. The German Cross (Kriegsorden) was created on the 28TH of September in 1941 by Adolf Hitler personally as Führer and Commander of the military to publicly reward the heroism of the German Legions against the Russians. The Gold was to recognize repeated acts of bravery or stellar command that was just below the awarding of a Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. But the act had to be above what it took to get the Iron Cross 1ST Class. The detailed conditions for bestowal are recorded in the "Reichsgesetzblatt" of 2 October 1941 (Teil I, Nummer III).

Detlev Niemann places the value within his 2008, edition 3 masterpiece work at $2,230.00 in his 2008, Edition 3 book.

Buyer pays flat rate shipping within the US 48 states (insurance is extra): $8.85.

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