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World War II: 1939 ~ 1945
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This beauty weighs in at a gracious 65.5 grams. It is the heavier version of the badge that is listed in Detlev Niemann’s superb text.

This is a well marked, upper end made award with a simple and elegant number “1” on a thick pin back. The badge is flawless in every regard, and is issued in the SILVER grade, which was for civilians or non-combatants that contributed in some outstanding or significant way to the war effort. These silver grade badges are much rarer than the gold military grade awards of the German Cross, and are always much sought after. No defects. 99% of the finish is intact and the badge displays only minor wear from being handled on some of the upper points of visibility. Great for the last 60+ years of existence. It has a graceful patina to it that is perfect in every result.

The German Cross in Silver was awarded for distinguished service in a non-combatant role. The medal was worn on the right hand pocket of the jacket and had a swastika, encircled by a silver wreath within a starburst type border.

The numeral “1” is for DESCHLER & Sohn of MUNICH, who was the initial maker of the German Cross. While the first prototypes on the DESCHLER Crosses used 6 rivets, from about the middle of 1942 onward they used only 4. So this is a post-1942 Cross.

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