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I’m trying with this entry to find out the IDENTITY of the AWARD this RIBBON is for?

A beautiful, full wrapped brooch ribbon that is hand stitched and stated to be from the POW shadows as the, “ORDER OF THE BLUE BARBED WIRE SHAFT”

This ribbon came from estate of a POW. There was never any medal, just this novelty type ribbon that these POWs wore unoficially, or so he stated. Rd is blood and sacrifice, blue is the way to Freedom and the barbed wire is … screwed. The ribbon is WWII guaranteed manufacture. The vet thinks he obtained the ribbon at Camp Lucky Strike.

Marvin J. Miller was POW Number 7707, assigned to KFG. D. LuftStalag IV. Marvin was in the top turret of a B-24. He flew with the 464th Bomb Group, in the 776th Bomb Squadron and was shot down on 24 August, 1944 in a B-24 named, “COM-BATTY” on a mission to Pardubice Czechoslovakia. He was on the February 6th, “Black March” also called the “Starvation March” where for 86 days they were starved and marched some nearly 600 miles until liberated on April 26th, 1945. In fact, he was in the sick detachment when he fully names the man who died from pneumonia (in a diary that he also sold me).

Rarely does a bona fide, direct POW and Caterpillar lot come available, in it’s entirety. I met Marvin in 2007, while doing a living veteran’s display here in the Salt Lake Valley. Purchased directly from the vet are the items in this lot, as well as several others in other auctions.

This Item is NOT for sale - I’m just seeking information.

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