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World War II: 1939 ~ 1945
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Must be Gun dealer FFL Transferred for any sale outside the State Of Utah. For Utah sales, you must be the end user. No "Friends" to pick up for another person. Must sign local bill of sale and have valid Utah Drivers License.


This weapon was brought back by a US Marine aviator from WWII, who was a Corsair pilot who was even into the Korean era and got out as a Lieutenant Colonel. The family had no info on the WWII carrier, but in Korea he flew off the Bataan as part of VMF-121. On to the gun.

What a beauty. Besides a bit of spotting in the barrel, it is pristine with only superficial and almost non-existent handling. Sparkling crisp detail and the finish is 99.9% intact.

The Serial Number is 925,116, (916405-921699 Serial Numbers were in the 1st run) and since this was part of Remington Rand’s first production lot, that makes this is gun number 8,710. That makes it a rarer TYPE 1 marked "SYRACUSE, NEW YORK" SPELLED OUT ON THE FRAME.

Has all the original factory features intact, no replaced features.

FJA is the mark of Inspector Lt. Col Frank J. Atwood on Remington-Rand 1911A1 pistols. Col. Frank J. Atwood was commanding officer of the Rochester Ordnance District; he personally inspected nothing, but as CO he was responsible for all the ordnance material accepted by the Army from that region. His initials appear on rifles and shotguns by Remington and Ithaca, as well as pistols by Ithaca and Remington Rand and military vehicles. His "FJA" stamp is NOT a rebuild mark; it was put on only at the original maker’s factory.

The crossed cannons on the gun was the official Army Ordnance Department acceptance stamp. The "P" is the proof mark, meaning that the weapon was fired with an overloaded "proof" cartridge and did not fail.

This has the early era Remington Rand blued hammer, slide stop, safety and trigger.....I think it was called “"du-lite". Blued barrel as well, with the "HS" on it (some traces of mild corrosion in the barrel).

G: Government contract order (this is on the inside, inner top of the frame).

Unfinished bullet ramp, era "C-S" on the lip of the magazine.

Mint grips.

You will have a hard time finding any RR with an earlier date than this.

Postage and any Gun Dealer FFL Fees will be worked out later, but that is usually about $30.00 or so.

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