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Fresh out of my collection. I've owned this for over 40 years; an absolute mint item, complete with all of the original factory cutters tags. Guaranteed 100% Original, zero doubt. No issues. Pristine sample from top to bottom.

The item is a beauty, and has no rips, tears or repairs. It has no hidden surprises. There is no soiling and no odors. There are no moth nips. No damage of any kind. There is no abuse and it is mint. All buttons intact. They are the black, 13 star metal buttons. Crisp tag as well in the pocket is 100% legible. Never been washed or worn.

Zero neck or any wear. New fabric sheen to it. The fabric is sturdy with no issues. The item is a "Clean" sample, and guaranteed original.

Here is the best part. The size. The 46R is actually a 56 inch chest circumference. Massive! Truly Massive!

Here is the original, first pattern HBT shirt, rare in itself. Rarer is the size, and absolutely rare is the mint shape. The pattern date is 4/3/41, and the production date is only 22 MONTHS LATER IN JUNE! An early sample as well! Shirt, jacket or upper body sizes on coveralls and flight suite size measurements are taken from fastening up the garment and laying it flat, and measuring in inches from one extreme ends of the garment to the other. That measurement is from just where the armpit meets the side seam to the other opposite point of correlation.

I then double that measurement for a total chest circumference size in inches. That is from one end of the fabric to the other. The wearer’s right pocket flap is unbuttoned in the photo, but the pocket does have the button under the flap. I was looking for any tags in the pocket and forgot to button it up for the photo.

Remember that this measurement is to the extreme ends of the garments fabric, so know your garments construction and calculate for material heft, seams or any material in the garments construction. A few people get this confused. For example: If I state a 50 inch chest, that does not indicate a size 50 garment. That is why I give the exact size in inches alongside any possible tag information.

U.S.A. postage includes Delivery Confirmation at: $12.85.

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