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World War II: 1939 ~ 1945
United States of America (All Branches)
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Selling Price: $1385 - Postage in the U.S.A. is: $20
This is from the 475th Parachute Field Artillery. Monster, 50 inch chest. The 11th Airborne patch aged ghost image is visible, very easily. If it were a fake, the patch would still be there!

Custom epaulets show pin holes for probably a lieutenants bars. There are a few custom button locations around the hood, probably for the field hood attachment. The front is a bit dirty, looks superficial and cleanable, and there are no rips, tears or repairs and the heft is upper end, a solid 9 or better out of ten.

The paint on the back is guaranteed forever to be original, and made in era by an officer named Patterson. Note how the oils from the paint have gently darkened the area around the design. Another indication of the veracity of the age.

It is a very large size chest, which is 50 inches across is a plus, making this like a size 46. The jacket is a navy deck jacket, heavy corduroy body and alpaca lining.

The US Army also made a copy of this jacket, limited issue and very rare, but this is definitely a navy model.

The 11th Airborne Division had arrived in the southwest Pacific in mid-1944. On January 31, 1945 the 188th Glider Regiment landed at Nasugbu with the Eighth Army. Four days later, the airborne infantry of the 511th Airborne Regimental Combat team jumped onto Tagaytay Ridge. Because of a shortage of available transport, the 475th Parachute Field Artillery and other support units jumped in the following day.

As to History: At dawn on February 3rd, 1945, the 511th Parachute Infantry of the 11th Airborne Division parachuted onto Tagaytay Ridge on Luzon Island in the Philippines to join in the fight to liberate Manila. The first 915 paratroopers were flown in forty-eight Douglas C-47s of the 317th Troop Carrier Group. The first serial of eighteen aircraft dropped their troops, including Colonel Rock Haugen, the Regimental Commander, with pinpoint accuracy on the selected drop zone. The second serial of thirty aircraft dropped its planeloads early five miles from the drop zone. At noon that same day, the mistake was repeated again as another serial of fifty-one planeloads of paratroopers jumped early onto the same spot five miles short of the drop zone.

These were the 475th drops!

In spite of the confused parachute drop, the paratroopers managed to successfully link-up at 1500 hours that afternoon with the 187th and 188th Glider Regiments of the 11th Airborne Division attacking north toward Manila. At 0800 hours on the following morning, the last of the 511th Parachute Regiment dropped onto Tagaytay Ridge to join the fight. The airborne troops continued the fight to liberate Manila until February 21st when organized Japanese resistance collapsed. In the fighting, the 11th Airborne Division lost 900 troopers killed, wounded, or missing in action, including Colonel Haugen, the 511th Regimental Commander and Colonel Irvin Schimmelpfenning, the division Chief of Staff, who were killed.

Shirt, jacket or upper body sizes on coveralls and flight suite size measurements are taken from fastening up the garment and laying it flat, and measuring in inches from one extreme ends of the garment to the other. That measurement is from just where the armpit meets the side seam to the other opposite point of correlation.

I then double that measurement for a total chest circumference size in inches. That is from one end of the fabric to the other. HEAVY!

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