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World War II: 1939 ~ 1945
United States of America (All Branches)
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There is ZERO doubt on authenticity within this special packet of political era documents. It's nice when you can get the autographs of the two top Reich officials both on the same document, and that is what we have here. Besides, these documents have special significance for the holder, as they "GUARANTEE" the FUHRER'S "SPECIAL PROTECTION" to the recipient. Both documents are issued by the Reich Chancellery office. The German Reich Chancellery, or Reichskanzlei, was Hitler's personal office. There was no higher authority to issue such Special Protection documents, and both documents bear the embossed stamp of that supreme office.

First, the small blue/green document is an immigration document for the manís mother to obtain citizenship in the Reich from Silesia in Poland. She was 54 at the time it was granted.

With regard to the two political appointment documents:

Each document is 17 by 20 inches and folded, so the portion that you see in the image is the front piece at 17 by 10 inches. It looks like the documents were designed to be like a folder and possibly other documents were then inserted inside. So you are looking at the official front piece in each image. The documents are virtually identical, but vary slightly in the appointment levels alone.

The man was originally an official in the mountain region as an "Assessor" and in the first document is appointed by the Fuhrer to become a "Councilman" The second document raises him from a the Councilman to become the First Councilman. It should be remembered that in 1933, Hermann Goering became Minister-President of Prussia and President of the Prussian State Council And as "Gauleiter" (Reich Commissioner) of Prussia, Hermann W. Goering opened the first Prussian Senate on March 12, 1933.

His first act had been to abolish the old Prussian council and from then on, all members of his new Prussian Council were appointed by Goering himself, and hence his signature appears on the document appointing the man as 1st Councilor. In addition, the Geheime Staatspolizei, or Gestapo, was first established in Prussia on 26th April, 1933, by Goering.

The following translations of the Sutterlin script were provided by my friend Helmut Hoffman in 2009. Helmut was in the 15th Panzer Grenadier Division, 115th PZG Regiment and fought in the Normandy Campaign, and afterwards. Any errors after what he dictated are my own. The basic translations are here, but may not be word for word. The first document is dated as the 12th of May, 1938.

"IN THE NAME OF THE GERMAN PEOPLE In line with Civil Service for Lifetime comes this appointment from assessor to Councilman. I sign this paper in the expectation that the person named in this document will follow his service oath and heed very carefully and justify the trust, which is shown by this appointment. At the same time, I guarantee my SPECIAL PROTECTION."

Then it is signed the "THE FUHRER AND REICHCHANZLER - Adolf Hitler"

The second document is latter dated and is a new appointment to 1st Councilman, with a secondary signature on the bottom being a Doctor Landfried of the "Reich and Prussian Ministry"

The second document is 26th of September 1942 dated, and again, is a promotion to 1st Prussian Council member and with a secondary signature of the Prussian Minister, not Goering like the first document - but yes it is Hitler signed as you can see. An interesting fact from this second document is that the authority is from the "Fuhrer HauptQuartier" or "Hitler's Field Headquarters" that he used for follow the war more closely.

This one was probably in the Ukraine. All document signatures are hand-written, as you would expect and Hitler signatures are actually fairly rare and noteworthy in some occasions, such as on a high-level political appointment documents such as we have here.

Together these two documents form an insightful glimpse into the political appointments system within the Prussian state and how such appointments were made only from the highest level.

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