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Selling Price: $285 - Postage in the U.S.A. is: $9
No compelling or dramatic combat stories here, just one of the effects of Lauren Nelson who was a T-5 Corporal in a completely rear-echelon unit performing water purification duties within the ETO with the 1ST Army. The man died many years ago and the daughter decided to unload some of the items the man brought back. I tried researching the soldier, as "water purification" was specific to the 1ST Army with that function being handled by the 300TH Engineers, but he does not show on the web page roster for that unit, although that unit web page does not list every man known. As is typical, the family had zero knowledge of the soldier's unit or war-time actions. I saw the Ike jacket, it had the ETO ribbon with 4 battle stars (correct for the 300TH Eng.) and a good conduct ribbon with the Engineer collar discs and the 1ST Army patch. Not a shred of paperwork exists. No Discharge papers - nothing.

The good news is that the man brought back some unusually fine SS items, to include an enlisted man's sleeve eagle as well as a stupendous SS Helmet - reissued with hand painted rare unit insignia.

As to this item:

It is 8.5 inches tall by 6.3 inches wide, and is in immaculate condition, although there is a mild loss of surface gilding that reveals an undercoated material that is dark, the same metal used can be seen on the reverse image quite clearly. It looks like a lead and pot metal base. The plaque looks like it has never been mounted, as it has all of the prong clips on the reverse that would have been bent to fasten it to some other material.

This is a text-book classic era Personality Cult item that is a variant I have not been able to find anywhere on other web sites. Granted, there were many of these types of plaques created, and this one does not have any maker or foundry name on it, but on the lower reverse surface, just beneath the one prong are what look like brazed numbers, "11171" but that could be an anomaly as well, since I see no reason to number something like this, and that number is extremely high if it were some cataloguing scheme to track these items. All other aspects are text-book perfect.

100% forever guaranteed as an original, era and brought back by this veteran.

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