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World War II: 1939 ~ 1945
United States of America (All Branches)
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This is a very rare lot. It pre-dates the RipCord Club of the USA, as it is the predecessor "worldwide" Rip Cord Club organization as the original organization for parachutists. This is also a very low number 106 within that organization to which eventually thousands were members. The entire lot belonged to a soldier named Charles E. Peters. Here is what you get with just over 35 items:

01 - Hyper-Rare "The Rip Cord Club of the World" 6TH of November of 1931 dated parachute jump diploma from the association. This is a very, very rare Airborne Parachute document since it pre-dates the "The Rip Cord Club of the United States" by at least four years. This 9.25 x 7.00 inches dated 1931 is serial numbered #106, and is the earliest parachute diploma I have ever come across. Those blank white spaces on the documents are how they made them for the recipient, and the entire document is burnt onto photo-sensitive paper, as are all RCCW and RCCUS document diplomas throughout the 1930s.

02 - Photograph of the 6th of November 1931 parachute jump that Charles E. Peters made. He is curled into a ball after having just landed as another man runs to compress his parachute, which has barely touched the ground. He looks like a sack laying there, but under magnification, this 2.2 x 3.18 inch photo is a real treasure to have. In this lot is also an 8.5 x 6.9 inch photo of Charles wearing his overseas cap.

03 - 6.9 x 3.6 inches extremely rare November the 13th of 1931 "Certificate of Technical Training" Chanute Field "Parachute Rigger" document. This baby is way rare, and on the reverse makes mention of that very same qualification jump that the diplomas and photograph also document for the 6TH of November of 1931.

04 - A set of two, Hyper-Rare "The Rip Cord Club of the World" unfilled and numbered the same #106 parachute jump diplomas from the association. These were made as spares for whatever reason and they were never filled in with the typewriter, as they all were. So they are like replacement documents that Charles kept in their pristine shape. 9.25 x 7.00 inches and serial numbered #106 burnt onto photo-sensitive paper.

05 - A really exceptional piece of lost history, another burnt onto photo-sensitive paper 9.25 x 7.00 inch "The Creed of a Parachute Rigger" There is NOTHING on the web about this Creed, so I assume that it is yet another piece of history that has been lost to time. It reads:

'It is my duty to keep the parachutes of this station in the best possible condition and I intend to do it. I will bear in mind that the parachute is a life pack and may be called upon at any time to function properly and quickly to save a human life, and to do so must be in perfect condition; folded carefully and properly. That during my monthly folding I will not neglect to make any repair no matter how small. That I want the person using my parachutes to have the utmost confidence in them, by my standing ready to use any parachute folded and packed in my shop. Signed C. E. Peters Graduate parachute Rigger Air Services Technical School ~ U.S.A. ~'

06 - There are FIVE (8.5 x 10 inches) Pre-WWII to the end of his career diploma certificates for PROMOTIONS from 1939 to Corporal all the way up to 1942 as a Master Sergeant.

07 - There are FOUR (8.5 x 10 inches) Honorable Discharges stretching from 1934, to 1937, 1940 and 1945. Each of these has the reverse filled with all of the soldier's relevant information to date, like a current DD 214 has. There are also two burnt onto photo-sensitive paper copies of 1937 and 1945 Discharges.

08 - There are also four different letters of Recommendation for Charles to attend Warrant Officer school, which it looks like he never got to attend. Those are all in duplicates, and signed by a Captain, a Major and two Lt. Colonels.

09 - Lastly, a large lot of wallet cards, a photograph, and whatever.

To sum this up. A very historic early parachute lot for a Rigger and whatever. Charles was with the 20TH Bomb Squadron, 2ND Bomb Group of the Air Corps in the 1930s.

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