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Selling Price: $435 - Postage in the U.S.A. is: $12
This is a very, very significant find, as it is part of a grouping from a Battle of the Bulge Veteran! The gist of this is that I bought a large estate of a guy from the 4th Armored Division, a Lieutenant, Ronald Bell, and he WAS at the battle of the Bulge, WAS wounded in that action and WAS a vet that service up to the Korean conflict, where he got yet another battlefield Bronze Star! He was with the 51st Armored Infantry in WWII and the 8th Cavalry Regiment of the 1st Cavalry Division in Korea. He even had an ORIGINAL GENERAL MCAULIFFE SIGNED NUTS! CHRISTMAS CARD TO THE 101ST AIRBORNE!

The Bronze Star is not numbered, and is in the original box. The documents are an Adjutant General signed letter dated 21 October 1952, a copy of that page. A denial to attend a ceremony and to instead just opt to receive the letter in the mail, as he was authorized the award by date and was already back in Salt Lake City, Utah. There is also a Sixth Army letter dated 13 August 1952, first describing to Bell his award. The Bronze Star diploma is stated for the SECOND OAK LEAF CLUSTER. There is also a local newspaper article for the award that says it is for gallantry under fire in Korea with Company A, 8th Cavalry Regiment. He INSPIRED AN ATTACK AGAINST THE ENEMY AT KUMYANGJANG-NI!

Then, he wrote home 5 days later on January 31st, 1951. I quote in part: "We were in a terrific fight the other day - some 300 Chinks against our battalion - hand grenades flying all over the place - we took the hill and got most of them - war is not good, but some things have to be done it appears."

"Our company Commander was killed, I was in the attack also, and had to take over for that night and day."

The medal is in the original box, with the original 2 Oak Leaf Cluster ribbon and the extra ribbon piece!

It even has the original mailing tube the documents were rolled inside of!

One of his original 1st Cavalry Division patches is in this lot. Also, two photos of the Lieutenant and a telegram to his mother as he is coming home in January after the war. And a box of slides taken in color in the field, no dead but a definite glimpse at the people, land and the field as some shots are of that! THERE IS A LOT IN THIS GROUPING!!! Also included is an era made Government burnt off copy of his DD214 in negative from the original Microfiche and in white!

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