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Selling Price: $885 - Postage in the U.S.A. is: $11
This is a direct widow, next of kin purchase and a sad tale. I was doing a display in a retirement facility in 2009 when this woman tells me her late husband was a pilot and he died with no living children and she had nowhere to give the items to. I bought them at a generous price and here is one of the items in that lot, because the pilot was a B-26 Marauder Flight Commander and assigned to the rare unit of the 1st PATHFINDER SQUADRON (Provisional). The Squadron was a specially formed unit (DETACHED SERVICE) squadron that was equipped with radar to lead other flights of B-26 Marauders to targets in bad weather or night with zero visibility.

This pilot stayed in the AAF and flew P-82 and then went to Korea, which is where this lot of magnificent items is from. First. I guarantee authenticity of every shred of item is this and every lot I sell as being 100% as advertised:

This lot is comprised of 17 months worth of single sheet individual flight records, from January of 1949 through July of 1950, every month lists P-82 flights in the models: P-82E, P-82RS & P-82ET craft. These are original and not copy documents. That in itself would be a great score, as I dare say that flight records on these experimental, dual body P-51 MUSTANG hybrid craft are mega rare in themselves, but the pilot was in the only recorded crash of one of these birds from an operational unit.

On the night of 19 January 1950 the craft he was co-pilot in had mechanical failures and the pilot baled out, but this co-pilot could not hear the order as the commo gear was out. He stayed with the craft in a deep spin and brought it out and back to base, belly-landed and I have from that night incident. Three pages of orders, commendations from the base commander, wing and squadron echo letters. There are two full sets, or 6 sheets of those original documents. I also have the flight records from that night and the number of landings was hand went over in pen from the number "1" to "0". I guess he crashed and did not land. Also notes his time in transit as Co-Pilot over 3 hours to his 40 minutes as pilot! Wild records! ORIGINALS!

Anyway, there are 9 AF stamped photos of the crashed P-82 with that lot. Get on the web. ANY photos of this odd bird are rare.

He also brought a camera with him at times, there are several photos of P-82's in flight, and all are unpublished!

There is a nice AF publication write up on the incident and a much later AF medical document disclosure in the pilots handwriting of the incident as past notation. Finally, a few photocopies of articles dealing with the crash and the details of that event and some other P-82 local news and other articles.

Oh, and a USAF official photo of the pilot in a P-82 that was taken for the article.

You can get no better authenticity than this, and what a famous craft! See his many, many other documented groupings. Includes a bio that was prepared at a local ceremony recognizing this Utah resident's past in 1995. He died in 1962. Great man, great life of service.

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