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World War II: 1939 ~ 1945
United States of America (All Branches)
Named Lots & Groupings

Selling Price: $435 - Postage in the U.S.A. is: $7
Guaranteed original, zero doubt. Not a repro.

I cut them gently off of an M-1943 Field jacket that was named to a USMC sergeant, D.R Blaylock. I include a photo of this man's field jacket so you can see where the patches were. The name tag was worn away, so all that were saved were these 4 patches here.

First, let me say that I seldom come across a patch as nicely made, or a bold and pleasing as this large one. The other three are nice, and worth consideration, especially the IST Marine Air Wing patch. It is a beauty. In addition, every one of these patches is era made by hand on a machine. That is hand-embroidered.

There is some minor wear on the KOREA arc tab, and luckily that is the least costly of the set. It measures 3.25 inches across. It is well made and fully backed. The wear is minimal. The IST MAW is also hand made, 4.5 inches across and is a real beauty.

Deep, rich colors and well defined color contrast. Rear lined as well, but separation of the white cotton backing is occurring. Actually, that is great because it gives a glimpse at the rear of the patch and it is handsomely made. Both of those patches were located on the wearerís left arm, high up like any patch and arc would be. The next is the 4 inch Marine Wing Service Squadron patch, a great novelty patch.

These types of patches were just coming into vogue for open wear by the time of the Korean War, and afterwards. It was on the wearer's right arm, just below where a normal shoulder patch would have been. The real babe here is the large, 5.5 inch diameter pocket patch for the MARS squadron 17.

Zero wear, zero problems. Professionally separated from the field jacket it is a marvel for several reasons. First, it gives classic era representation to pre-space exploration motif with the dome helmeted repair crew. The perfect touch is the jet pack on the one dudeís back is sputtering propulsion as he listens to the other guy chat.

It's just beautiful, from the detail to the size. No fading, Nicely waffled, as it is cotton and shrunk a bit, but as you know, that is the hallmark of the real era pieces that were hand done. There you have it, no hidden surprises. Zero issues.

A VERY, VERY RARE PATCH FROM AN ELITE UNIT WITHIN AVIATION HISTORY. The aircraft is an F-9F Grumman. These were known to have come out in the late 1940s and saw combat in Korea. I do not know if the USMC had any of the earlier "-2" models of this aircraft in Korea, but I peg the patch at 1950 - 1954.

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