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World War II: 1939 ~ 1945
United States of America (All Branches)
Named Lots & Groupings

Selling Price: $1085 - Postage in the U.S.A. is: $13
Here is a real winner:

Finest Nickel fittings! There are NO signs of the dagger having ever been disassembled. The tang nut is undisturbed with the same patina as the rest of the dagger and this beauty came right out of the woodwork from a fellow employee who was willed them when his Uncle passed away. ZERO information on that vet came with it, but it came with four daggers and an NSDAP flag pole topper and a few other portepees and such.

The tang nut has ever been removed and this nut has the same patina as the upper crossguard. These guards are in outstanding condition having smooth surfaces, crisp edges and precise accent grooves. The reverse lower guard is gruppe stamped with the central German HESSEN stamp of "He". The grip of this example is a beautiful deep brown color with shades of red color mahogany wood. It looks very pretty and is of medium ridge construction with a nice thick edge band girdle.

There are NO chips and no cracks and no gouges and no defects in the wood. It is a beauty. There is some grain and the grips shows very mild usage with no issues. This grip literally fits the crossguards extremely tight and there is NO wiggle or looseness at all, which is what you would expect from a dagger that was never taken apart! In addition, the blade shoulders perfectly meet the lower crossguard contour.

The SA runes button shows little to no carrying time and there are NO places where enamel is missing. The nickel grip eagle has lots of detail in the wings and face with a fierce beak and loads of breast feathering, wing spread, legs, wreath and mobile swastika. A great looking eagle here and in fact a great looking hilt as well!

The scabbard shell is in the same excellent condition and has fully 99% of the brown color anodizing intact. This is a mint looking scabbard with the exception of the drag ball is mildly depressed when you look at it from the bottom.

The sheath has the matching brown leather short hanger on this dagger that IS the original one with matching nickel fittings and is not marked. The leather is great and not dry rotted in any way and is soft and supple.

Now, to the blade:

The blade of this example is in terrific condition. It is mirror bright and has all of its cross-graining. The SA motto is as crisp as the day it was done with full darkening in the backgrounds. This blade easily grades in full 90% condition. On the reverse there is the double oval logo. The logos enclose the firm's name and location, "Ed. Wusthof Solingen" (This is a very much rarer maker). Inside is the figure of the TRIDENT. There are a very few speckles on the blade in some locations that are noted in the images that I show, but I have enhanced the images so they show a bit easier. When the blade is held in hand, these very minor blemishes are insignificant. They show in the pictures more than anything as I mentioned.

A really nice untouched dagger here!

This is a very rarely encountered maker SA dagger in excellent condition. The blade has NEVER been sharpened, so have confidence as this piece is a winner and priced less than an identical Whittman's SA Dagger in 2013!

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