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World War II: 1939 ~ 1945
United States of America (All Branches)
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Selling Price: $285 - Postage in the U.S.A. is: $5
Marvin was on the February 6th, "Black March" also called the "Starvation March" where for 86 days they were starved and marched some nearly 600 miles until liberated on April 26th, 1945. In fact, he was in the sick detachment when he fully names the man who died from pneumonia (in a diary that he also sold me).

Mint! The cord is 17 inches when gently stretched long. No defects. Has a cord for a FLAK shell to be added. One of three FLAK or other Luftwaffe awards he "liberated". Rarely does a bona fide, direct POW and Caterpillar pin lot come available, in its entirety. I met Marvin in 2007, while doing a living veteran's display here in the Salt Lake Valley. Purchased directly from the vet is this item, as well as several others in other auctions.

This offering comes with a 1000% guarantee of authenticity! Marvin was in KFG. D. Luft Stalag IV. Marvin was in the top turret of a B-24. He flew with the 464th Bomb Group, in the 776th Bomb Squadron and was shot down on 24 August, 1944.

Marvin told me that there was a special Herman Goring named unit tasked with holding them in the final days and they looted the guard's barracks upon their liberation on April 26th, 1945.

As to the history on this item: Luftwaffe "Schutzen Abzeichen" Marksmanship Lanyard, 1st level of fliegerblau colored wool and bullion. This marksmanship lanyard was instituted in 1936 to recognize an individual's skill with the FLAK (artillery shells instead of acorns. This was worn by all enlisted ranks. It is one of several that I purchased directly from a vet. It was not worn in the field, but was intended for parade and walking out purposes only. Worn on the right shoulder suspended from a button beneath the shoulder board with the other end attached at the second button hole on the tunic. There were twelve levels of marksmanship that could be achieved.

The 1st level for the Luftwaffe was as seen here. The 2nd to 4th levels were of the same design with 1 to 3 aluminum acorns suspended from the lower end of the lanyard. The 5th to 8th level awards incorporated a silver badge with a larger wreath with acorns as described above. The 9th to 12th level badges had a gold gilt badge with gold threads woven into the roping and gold acorns as described above.

Constructed from a thick dark gray cotton cord with matte aluminum wire woven in a "herringbone" weave with a matte gray aluminum shield for the 1st level featuring a Luftwaffe eagle encircled with an oak leaf wreath. The loop on the top that was used to attach the lanyard to the tunic.

The shield is backed with a thin piece of fliegerblau colored wool.

Guaranteed forever as original!

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