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World War II: 1939 ~ 1945
United States of America (All Branches)
Named Lots & Groupings

Selling Price: $15 - Postage in the U.S.A. is: $5
These 4 letters are all unique in some way. I had by very good friend who was Wehrmacht read and interpreter the time frame as he read. From politics to occupied Poland. Just nice. This ties with the Wartime diary of a WWII girl who was Wehrmacht drafted in 1944 and the daughter of a General Oberst.

The January 14th, 1932 dated letter with the 15 Phennig Hindenburg stamp is a fine one as it goes into great detail of the political intrigue and even asks whether the reader feels that Von Epp will take the office of Von Hindenburg! Just weeks after the elections and the Reichstag fire, Hitler, then Chancellor, consolidates his power, here appointing one of his early supporters, Franz Ritter von Epp to be Governor of Bavaria. Franz Ritter von Epp (1868-1946) was the commander of the Munich SA forces, was a member of the Reichstag, and headed the Colonial Political office of the NSDAP.

The April the 29th of 1941 letter with the Nazi eagle Feldpost stamp which itself is very collectible, is from Occupied Poland. It discusses the occupation, and speaks about coming home on furlough. It is two pages long.

The November the 24th of 1933 Munich letter is from an SA man, describing his friendship and some politics. "My evenings are occupied with the S.A -" There is a photo of the man as well. Looks like Artie Johnson in a geek suit and tie. Cigarette and coy pose. This guy is full of himself, and read why!

The black trim letter is just an envelope. I kept it because of the excellent Nuremberg cancellation stamp. It has a 12 Pfennig Adolph Hitler stamp and is what is called a "DEATH LETTER" This is what the death notices came in. It is a stark feeling item. Black interior lined as well. Solid and foreboding.

There we have it! Four great items bought a large estate of a guy from the 4th Armored Division, a Lieutenant, Ronald Bell, and he WAS at the battle of the Bulge, WAS wounded in that action and WAS a vet that service up to the Korean conflict, where he got yet another battlefield Bronze Star! He was with the 51st Armored Infantry. He even had an ORIGINAL GENERAL MCAULIFFE SIGNED NUTS! CHRISTMAS CARD TO THE 101ST AIRBORNE!

He had a chance to pick up a lot of items. This was no doubt from some looted place or from a German he came across. Guaranteed era taken. One has a photo inside of some civilian smoking and looking all-Aryan. These are "I Was There!" certified! SEE THIS VET's OTHER VERY IMPRESSIONABLE ITEMS!

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