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World War II: 1939 ~ 1945
United States of America (All Branches)
Named Lots & Groupings

Selling Price: $1135 - Postage in the U.S.A. is: $5
Here we have one nice and rarer item from a small grouping that spans the early career of local US Marine Corps officer. He began in the WWI days, Francis G. Miller.

He began in the WWI days and you will find 4 of his items in that grouping. A nice Enlisted manís collar disc round. Very rare in USMC. A WWI Victory medal that has his initials on it FGM, For Francis G. Miller. You will also find his 1917 range serial numbered good conduct medal.

It has 4 engraved front and back re-enlistment bars, spanning service from 1921 - 1924. 1924 - 1927. 1927 - 1931, and 1931 - 1935. HE HAS THE SAME GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL NUMBER ENGRAVED ON EACH SERVICE ENLISTMENT BAR, MAKING A SET!

There is also a Sterling marked, two piece USMC, pattern 1910 Expert Sharpshooters Badge. His WWII items are most impressive. A rank and dog tag set. An Iwo photo of the flag raising, SIGNED BY IRA HAYES, JOHN A BRADLEY AND GAGNON!

As to this item. Perfectly in shape, guaranteed original, purchased from the great grand daughter of the man. Shame people have no taste for heroes. On the rear of the enlistment bars, he had the original Good Conduct medalís Rim Number of 48255 engraved!

Excellent condition, original US Marine Corps Good Conduct medal, with rim stamp "No. 48255," making it a 1918 issue. Marine Corps Good Conduct Medals were numbered from their inception up to (and including part of) World War II. The style and placement of the numbering varied over time but for most of this period the number was engraved as part of the naming of the medal.

A major exception to this was a group of 50,000 medals rim numbered in the 20000 to 70000 range. These medals were issued to Marines who had enlisted for the duration of the First World War and were issued unnamed. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE MEDALS! USMC Good Conduct Medals were also named from their inception to 1951, when the practice was discontinued. The style of naming has varied over the years and ranges from elaborate and artistic engraving in the early years to simple impressed naming in the later years along the reverse. This is one in that serial number range that was therefore not engraved. No other markings. Zero defects. I love the Enlistment bars how they link by date to form a set! Go find that anywhere else! Guaranteed original!

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