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World War II: 1939 ~ 1945
United States of America (All Branches)
Named Lots & Groupings

Selling Price: $145 - Postage in the U.S.A. is: $5
Combat and KO'd German tanks. Lots of DESTRUCTION. This was a NOK: Next-Of-Kin, buy!

Here we have a beautiful creation. The documentation is impeccable. The negatives are all guaranteed WWII taken and WWII developed, all pre-1945. NOT REPRINTS

These are the best of what the photos by Sergeant Marsh had to offer. A killed off German Tank, Panzer of a Tiger, not sure which; GIs wearing a German captured fur cap with eagle/SS Skull on the front; GIs with captured German flags and weapons; A destroyed train with German Eagle painted on the side; A GI with a German Flag, and TWO OF THE BEST OF A CRASHED WACO GLIDER, PAINTED IN INVASION MARKINGS. JUST THE SKELETON REMAINS. Two GI's are on the tail, overlooking the damage! Comes with a letter from the vet!

One very large format negative shows the Sgt wearing a Captured GERMAN HITLER YOUTH shirt and overseas cap with the HJ pin on the front! Close up! You can develop these and sell sets, have them for your own use, or whatever. History in your hands!

These came from the family of the 2003 deceased Roy Marsh, an 83rd Infantry Division soldier in the 330th Infantry Regiment, and we all know they fought the Fallschirmjagers in Normandy. Then marched into the German southern flank at full steam in 1944. They rolled over every unit in their path and the SS were taken right along with every other form of resistance.

The family did not even know their Dad had these items in his possession until the mother was moved into a home and they found the famous foot locker where these and a trove of other nice items was located. I was garage sailing that day. Guaranteed original! SEE MY OTHER ITEMS FROM THIS VET. A LARGE GROUPING, US AND GERMAN ITEMS!

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