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World War II: 1939 ~ 1945
United States of America (All Branches)
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Selling Price: $485 - Postage in the U.S.A. is: $5
How hard is it to get an original, send back papered medal? Guaranteed to have been for this item. Period! And - NOK is Next-Of-Kin!

Here we have a beautiful creation. Notice the depth of detail. I believe this is a late war badge, but it could be early. In any regard, it is mint with ZERO use and no abuse. NO OXIDATION or discoloration.

By the unmistakable hallmark I believe it possibly a Wernstein & Jena.

These came from the family of the 2003 deceased Roy Marsh, an 83rd Infantry Division soldier in the 330th Infantry Regiment, and we all know they fought the Fallschirmjagers in Normandy. Then marched into the German southern flank at full steam in 1944. They rolled over every unit in their path and the SS were taken right along with every other form of resistance. He took a photo of a GI (not him) clowning with this badge on the front of a hat. It is also included in this auction. As you can see, there is also a capture paper with this.

The family did not even know their Dad had these items in his possession until the mother was moved into a home and they found the famous foot locker where these and a trove of other nice items was located. I was garage sailing that day.

Immaculate condition, zero damage. Complete and original.

The badge wreath height measured on the reverse is 57 cm, when the averages are typically: 56.3mm to 56.9mm; The badge wreath width measured on the reverse is 44.9 cm, when the averages are typically: 43.5mm to 46mm; The eagle's wingspan width measured on the reverse is 40 cm, when the averages are typically: 39.9mm to 40.9mm; The weight is 37.1 grams, where the average is typically between 26g to 41.8g

The item is 100% guaranteed forever as original. No problems.

The badge was fabricated in Tombac and zinc.

How you earned one of these is interesting.

This badge was awarded in recognition for anti aircraft or ground combats, up to the institution of the ground combat badge. All air defense artillery personnel (including radar control units and search light units) were eligible for the badge. The attribution was based on points addition, and 16 points were necessary. They were earned as follows:

1 point - First detection of incoming aircraft by means of 150cm or 60 cm search lights by acoustical means, and following the aircraft to another search light team.

2 points - Participation in the downing of an enemy aircraft my means of ground based fire (AA batteries primarily, but it could also be Machine gun or rifle fire). Participation in the downing of an enemy aircraft by means of blinding the aircraft with search lights.

4 points - Same action as above, but without participation of other batteries.

The badge could also be presented for single meritorious actions or distinctive leadership. The Battery Commander could be awarded the badge if the half of his Battery crews were already decorated. The conditions of attribution changed during the war. Indeed, the badge was awarded for 3 shot down aircrafts or for 5 combat actions (even without shot down aircraft).

It was presented with a certificate and its attribution was registered in the personnel documents (Soldbuch, Wehrpass). Guaranteed original! SEE MY OTHER ITEMS FROM THIS VET. A LARGE GROUPING, US AND GERMAN ITEMS!

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