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World War II: 1939 ~ 1945
United States of America (All Branches)
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Selling Price: $535 - Postage in the U.S.A. is: $15
Pilot and Flight Commander, Charles Glenn Aldous! This magnificent and comprehensive items is a direct widow, next of kin purchase and a sad tale. I was doing a display in a retirement facility in 2009 when this woman tells me her late husband was a pilot and he died with no living children and she had nowhere to give the items to. I bought them at a generous price and here is one of the items in that lot, because the pilot was a B-26 Marauder Flight Commander and assigned to the rare unit of the 1st PATHFINDER SQUADRON (Provisional). The Squadron was a specially formed unit (DETACHED SERVICE) squadron that was equipped with radar to lead other flights of B-26 Marauders to targets in bad weather or night with zero visibility. First. I guarantee authenticity of every shred of item is this and every lot I sell as being 100% as advertised:

You have the following highlights:

Undated: Training Victorville, CA - complaining Chinese pilots getting preferred treatment.

8 Jun 1943: One of his instructors was just killed.

12 Aug 1943: Proposes to his girlfriend!

28 Aug 1943: Engaged - maybe, cold feet.

28 Sep 1943: On beautiful embossed navigator stationary.

13 Nov 1943: Going on a big Bombardment demonstration.

Before Feb 1944: In Brazil - deploying to England the South American route!

3 Feb 1944: To parents. He's arrived in England. 391st Bomb Group 574th Bomb Squadron.

9 Feb 1944: To girlfriend, he's arrived in England.

1 Mar 1944: Assigned to the 1st PATHFINDER SQUADRON (M) PROVISIONAL

From here, every letter is return addressed on the envelope to the 1st pathfinders, all originals.

The Marauders had started flying missions on 15 February! So he is in War Mode from here on out in his letters.

19 Feb 1944: One of his acquaintances is now a prisoner.

1 Mar 1944: To parents, assigned to the 1st PATHFINDER SQUADRON (M) PROVISIONAL

7 Mar 1944: Issued Bicycles!

12 Mar 1944: Writes home about the news of a huge polygamy problem he's heard about in Utah.

14 Mar 1944: He's getting his Officer's Short waist Custom "Battle Jacket" with all direct embroidered bullion badges soon, and will send photos. These photos are in other lots I have from this man.

15 Mar 1944: Been having some intensive night time flying mission training in ZERO visibility - just what the Pathfinders were noted for!

17 Mar 1944: Mentions his crew. Asks if she has seen newsreels about Marauders. Hasn't named the ship yet.

19 Mar 1944: Mentions officers in his unit.

24 Mar 1944: Still hasn't named his plane. Talks of other officers, includes a newsclip of war in Europe to date.

24 Mar 1944: He's got that battle jacket!

27 Mar 1944: Just got his Pinks and Greens and will get the images to her soon. I have these photos.

4 Apr 1944: Mentions his unit, the 1st Pathfinders.

5 Apr 1944: Mentions the British flew some German planes into their base (He's at Matching Green.)

13 Apr 1944: Named the plane finally! But the first name is "OUR BABY" they selected. Describes the naked nose art intended. He has a great crew. Describes what the Pathfinders do, LIGHT THE TARGET!

17 Apr 1944: No envelope, letter to half-brother Don. Mentions the captured German planes, JU-88, FW-190, ME-109.

25 Apr 1944: Explains some funny quirks about the British & Americans interacting.

29 Apr 1944: Co-pilot LT. Quick got the Purple Heart. Encloses a Stars & Stripes comic strip.

4 May 1944: He is starting to drink and says so in his letters, he will fly his 4th Combat mission tomorrow morning. He is a Mormon but is under a lot of stress.

9 May 1944: Letter from his navigator's wife, asking him to take care of "Our Baby" the plane and her husband.

11 May 1944: Got to fly an A-20 HAVOC and he loved it.

15 May 1944: Navigator's wife letter, he wrote her, assuring they will be safe.

16 May 1944: Too drunk to write.

21 May 1944: To his aunt. Co-pilot LT. Quick "Stopped a Piece" got the Purple Heart, have a few missions - etc.

28 May 1944: Mentions the polygamy thing again.

31 May 1944: Mentions he will rename the Marauder. No name yet, but he saw a picture that made him think of a new image. He saw it in Esquire, called patriotic girl. A girl sitting on a bomb went through his imagination - name to follow.

2 Jun 1944: Renamed his airplane as, "Sleepy Time Gal"

3 Jun 1944: To parents, renamed his airplane as, "Sleepy Time Gal"

7 Jun 1944: Mentions Sleepy Time Gal in action. Just did his 7th combat mission.

8 Jun 1944: Makes another mention of Sleepy Time Gal.

9 Jun 1944: Talks about Sleepy Time Gal.

11 Jun 1944: Mentions the big show on D-day and the war.

22 Jun 1944: Mentions the big show on D-day and the war.

25 Jun 1944: Mentions his receiving the Air Medal.

26 Jun 1944: Mentions his Bombardier and Co-Pilot making 1st Lieutenants.

2 Jul 1944: Mentions his 1st Cluster to the Air Medal. He actually has 14 mission by now and the clusters are rolling in. He is basically waiting on orders, as every 5 combat bomb missions is another cluster. He will have 10 clusters by war's end. They did 55 missions in a B-26 and then rotated home.

4 Jul 1944: Mentions another cluster to the Air Medal.

20 Jul 1944: Mentions he got his wings 2 years ago.

24 Jul 1944: Not living the standards of his religion.

29 Jul 1944: Mentions and talks about his unit, the 1st Pathfinders!

3 Aug 1944: He has 1,400 hours flying and Sleepy Time Gal had some combat damage, "Needed doc" But is okay now.

11 Aug 1944: No envelope. Describes that Pathfinders drop through the clouds.

2 Oct 1944: No envelope. He is in France and describes writing from an old Luftwaffe field.

13 Nov 1944: No envelope. Pathfinders got the Presidential Unit Citation. I have the original ORDER to that effect!

8 Dec 1944: No envelope. This is his last letter home, from Corsica en-route to the USA!

Lots more in the letters, I just gave you the highlights. 55 Missions!

You can get no better authenticity than this, and what a famous unit. Part of the Normandy invasion.

This pilot stayed in the AAF and flew P-82 and then went to Korea. See his many, many other documented groupings. He died in 1962. Great man, great life of service.

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