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World War II: 1939 ~ 1945
United States of America (All Branches)
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Selling Price: $385 - Postage in the U.S.A. is: $9
Pilot and Flight Commander, Charles Glenn Aldous! Part of a comprehensive lot of original items that are a direct widow, next of kin purchase and a sad tale. I was doing a display in a retirement facility in 2009 when this woman tells me her late husband was a pilot and he died with no living children and she had nowhere to give the items to. I bought them at a generous price and here is one of the items in that lot, because the pilot was a B-26 Marauder Flight Commander and assigned to the rare unit of the 1st PATHFINDER SQUADRON (Provisional). The Squadron was a specially formed unit (DETACHED SERVICE) squadron that was equipped with radar to lead other flights of B-26 Marauders to targets in bad weather or night with zero visibility. First. I guarantee authenticity of every shred of item is this and every lot I sell as being 100% as advertised:

You can get no better authenticity than this, and what a famous unit. Part of the Normandy invasion.

We have 8 documents in total, although two of them have front and rear information. By Date we have: 19 July 1942 Aviation Cadet Discharge (so they can get the commission). This has information on the rear.


July 24th 1942 - Pilot progress Transition card, worksheet.

26 July 1943 LINK TRAINER for navigation and instruments.

20 July 1945 Reserve appointment.

16 May 1946 captain appointment.

13 July 1945 discharge. This has on the rear the full service history: Normandy, AIR MEDAL WITH 10 CLUSTERD! DFC and more.

The next big lot here is that this guy threw away nothing. There are 29 pages, mostly front and back from 1942 that have completion of Cadet status, travel orders, medical records, flight training documents, RATINGS AS PILOTS, appointments as pilots, flight orders, pilot & co-pilot med exam statements, B-26 training docs, Night navigator docs, limited day pilot docs, qualification procedures, INSTRUCTOR pilot ratings, Promotion to 1st LT orders, even his Income tax form from 1942 is here!

1943: There are 16 pages, mostly front and back from 1943 that have medical flight forms and statements and examinations, flight grounding for a cold orders, Pilot orders to run between bases medical history forms, dental forms for crash identification, immunization records, squadron assignments, lots of medical orders certifying flight status, FINAL ASSIGNMENT TO A B-26 CREW TO SHIP OUT TO WAR! ALONG WITH ALL THE OTHER FLIGHT PERSONNEL FOR ALL AIRCRAFT BY NUMBER. This is a 9-page doc. And terminate orders at the last base.

1944 is a big lot: 23 pages and all are front and back it appears, Loads of orders and assignments to squadrons, listed to the 1st PATHFINDER SQUADRON (Provisional)! Orders for DFC.

1945 is the last year covered here. I rough counted 23 pages almost all front & rear printed and more of the same, but transfer orders to the USA for convalescent care. He is shell-shocked after 55 missions and 200 Combat hours. There is a great yellow form that lists his stations, tours, combat and all at the end.

This pilot stayed in the AAF and flew P-82 and then went to Korea. See his many, many other documented groupings. He died in 1962. Great man, great life of service.

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