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World War II: 1939 ~ 1945
United States of America (All Branches)
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Selling Price: $1035 - Postage in the U.S.A. is: $12
Pilot and Flight Commander, Charles Glenn Aldous! This magnificent and comprehensive lot of original items is a direct widow, next of kin purchase and a sad tale. I was doing a display in a retirement facility in 2009 when this woman tells me her late husband was a pilot and he died with no living children and she had nowhere to give the items to. I bought them at a generous price and here is one of the items in that lot, because the pilot was a B-26 Marauder Flight Commander and assigned to the rare unit of the 1st PATHFINDER SQUADRON (Provisional).

The Squadron was a specially formed unit (DETACHED SERVICE) squadron that was equipped with radar to lead other flights of B-26 Marauders to targets in bad weather or night with zero visibility. First. I guarantee authenticity of every shred of item is this and every lot I sell as being 100% as advertised:

There are "33" original, not copies of March 1942 through March 1945 single sheet individual flight records. Every month lists the separate flights and there is constant combat in 44 listed. But besides that, on the right hand side is a compilation of 24 sheets detailing this man's magnificent career from appointment as cadet to lieutenant and pilot. There are records of service, extracts, orders for Unit BATTLE HONORS, and every single mission in Combat is listed, with a special BATTLE SORTIES page that catalogues the where and bombs dropped and locations of each mission! It does not get any more complete. NOTHING is missing! Constant combat sorties and mission logs are present.

The next best item are the photos, some taken in combat while flying missions.

A really awesome bonanza are the photos. There are six 5 x 4 that I show in one group first, the group shots look like post war enlargements but the other 4 with SLEEPY TIME GAL in them are originals.

Next there are a group of 8 photos, all wartime taken and printed, some have the censor marks. One is 5 x 4 and the other are 3.5 x 2.5 and are noteworthy because they show the Lieutenant ALDOUS in the cockpit as the Flight Commander leading missions while in a 1st PATHFINDER Squadron mission! He flew many combat sorties and two on D-day. These are a rare glimpse into the cockpit of a Marauder in combat!

There are another lot of 5 photos, era taken and printed of the man in Pinks & Greens, induction photos and in his battle jacket. I am also enclosing a 1962 taken memorial photo, not shown in 8.5 x 11 in color of him in dress uniform and obituary stats. He's wearing his bullion uniform.

Another 8 x 10 like photo is of his previous squadron that deployed to England before he was transferred to the 1ST PATHFINDER SQUARDON. The 474th Marauders!

There is also a 5 x 5 of a mission bombing and it may be the 16th sortie as that number is on it.

There is a 10-page story on the craft, SLEEPY TIME GAL that chronicles some of her combat time by one of the crewmen, it is original printing and unpublished. There is a poem for flyers to the tune of Poe's The Raven, and some newspaper clippings on the Invasion at D-day and errant missions over the town of Malmedy, and some newspapers on the pilot Charles G. Aldous.

Perhaps most importantly is the Bombardier's 1994 letter to the daughter of Charles with his diary extracts of actual missions! He goes over and lists each mission and what he saw. Man, he is something else. I rough count 50 pages of mission diary listings he photocopied. The D-day one is: "Cherbourg peninsula. It cleared and I got a view of the whole show! It was terrific - hundreds of Naval vessels and the big battleships were really pounding broadsides into the defenses. Opened Bombay doors way out at sea and over the invasion fleet, which immediately cut loose with a lot of inaccurate light FLAK at us! Bombs Away in a cloud, with nine ships following out of 18. The formation behind us saw the target disintegrate and disappear! Just before Bombs Away, a ME-109 made a pass at us from 12 O'clock & below, but we ducked into a cloud." It gets no better. except that since the pilot stayed in the service, he somehow managed to get copies of the 1ST PATHFINDER SQUARDON WAR DIARIES for many of the missions that were flown. These have NEVER been released previously! Rough count 32 pages as extracts that list his and other missions, all very, very official extracts and available nowhere else!

Another great item is an 8 x 10 approximate size 474th Bomb Squadron official emblem photo, wartime printed.

Most important as well is an original and very rarely seen large yellow & green two page size document file: AAF OFFICERS QUALIFICATION RECORD" listing all assignments, positions, training, qualifications, rank & promotions - in short all there is at a glance for an AAF officer. Lists the 1st PATHFINDER SQUADRON MEDIUM (Provisional). Truly awesome lot here! Oh, there is also "26" page letter lot with several items - his re-application to get in the Air Force in 1948 and all assignments and in-processing to the 47th Bomb wing. There is also all his initial health records and assignments and orders there, and a crash flight log entry sheet. 1947 signed from Hill Field in Utah - not his fault. And a few other items. So this is a lot of items from his joining to re-enlistment! AND - 11 pages of 1946 dated and cover sheet NOTORIZED extracts on all his dated 10 OAK LEAF CLUSTER orders, by the 1944 AAF!

You can get no better authenticity than this, and what a famous unit. Part of the Normandy invasion.

This pilot stayed in the AAF and flew P-82 and then went to Korea. See his many, many other documented groupings. He died in 1962. Great man, great life of service.

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