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World War II: 1939 ~ 1945
United States of America (All Branches)
Named Lots & Groupings

Selling Price: $2385 - Postage in the U.S.A. is: $18
These custom suits are very hard to come across. Custom HBT cloth made from scratch, not a mechanics or any other issue coverall, this was made to specs for this officer from bulk cloth.

This is part of a grouping by a Captain Ben Snyder that I picked up, that had his and his sons items. Some were sold on Ebay a while back, but this is the last of the father's things, although his son was in N Company, 75th Rangers with the 173rd Airborne and I have three of his jungle jackets.

On a scale of 1 through ten, this is a very gracious 9.5 as far as the feel of the cloth and the lack of rip, tears or repairs or staining.

What I like about this suit is the progression of rank. He had it made as a second Lieutenant, and you can see the gold bar on the collar, which was white stitched over to promote him to 1st Lieutenant, and then a second bar added for Captain.

Get a load of the early Airborne command patch, which is the ULTRA-RARE one piece construction and OD base. The 11th Airborne is also a rare one piece model with an OD HBT FABRIC base as well. All patches are original to the jacket and the officer's name is all over the inside as well as the custom stitch over the pocket.

Classy tan officers Infantry rifles on the collar as well. There are a lot of pockets and a rare pistol pocket on one leg.

48 inch chest that has bellows on the rear back to expand even larger. 37 inch waist and a 30 inch inseam. One very small hole in the rear panel on the back that is field sewn.

Shirt, jacket or upper body sizes on coveralls and flight suite size measurements are taken from fastening up the garment and laying it flat, and measuring in inches from one extreme ends of the garment to the other. That measurement is from just where the armpit meets the side seam to the other opposite point of correlation.

I then double that measurement for a total chest circumference size in inches.

That is from one end of the fabric to the other.

Remember that this measurement is to the extreme ends of the garments fabric, so know your garments construction and calculate for material heft, seams or any material in the garments construction. A few people get this confused. For example: If I state a 50 inch chest, that does not indicate a size 50 garment. That is why I give the exact size in inches alongside any possible tag information.

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