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Selling Price: $1385 - Postage in the U.S.A. is: $8
I came across a trove of books, effects and other items that were all donated by a one time National Socialist Teacher's Union member, Hildegard Dossler.

All of her items are up for sale. She was a teacher, then a Red Cross Nurse who worked with the Wehrmacht, then a medical student when 1945 ended her schooling. She married an American soldier and moved to Farmington, Utah.

Her married name is not given, but will be to the winner. She passed away, but donated all of her items to a thrift store, where I got them. So here it is. A 6 X 9 inch text that is about 520 pages (501 numbered, the rest not) and is 1939 printed in Munich.

It is a black spirited text, which is quite literally, the basis for the Reich's founding principles of Racial Superiority. Call it the "Devil's Bible" if you will, it is crammed full of teachings on how the German blood, bone and sinew if favored above all others.

From dissections on anatomy, skull and body measurements, this is the identical type of information that riddled the Dr. Mengela studies and death camp horrors he experimented with. These books rarely escaped the war, so it is a very, very rare piece.

The condition is average, with no pages missing, and no problems. The spine is intact and all pages are intact. There was once some light water damage, but nothing severe. What I find the most interesting, is the text belonged to a medical student.

When I first opened it, a pair of small Edelweiss flowers fell from the pages, pressed by Hildegard in the 1940s, no doubt out one day in the mountains near Bavaria, reading of these monstrous ideals and proofs.

What a contrast that day must have had, the Alpine beauty the Germans adored, laced with hate within her hands The flowers are NOT included.

In any regard, this is a deeply political text that helped whip the Germans into blindly following an Avenger - Adolph Hitler. Bold cover.

It is King Henry the Ist, 918 to 935 AD on the cover. Both an attractive, insightful and historic text. Together, my small offerings are a totaled and deeply disturbing glimpse into the fundamentals of the Third Reich.

Guaranteed original! Perfect for a display!

As a result of the energetic book burning and intellectual intimidation on the part of officials of the powers which occupied Germany beginning in 1945 after the tragic, unnecessary and fratricidal Second World War, these volumes are especially scarce.

The number of known copies is miniscule. I have learned that they are in strong demand overseas, and are being sold at high prices in the German book trade. If the local market cannot appreciate the offer, it will be made overseas. Also, take note the book was in the library of the 46th German Infantry Regiment, and so stamped. Who fought US and Canadian Paratroopers in Bergerfurth.

LASTLY: History notes that even though an item is of 1930s to 1940s German origin, that it is not necessarily of Nazi origin.

Nazism was a political doctrine, not a hereditary inference. Fact: That is why Ebay allows the sale of German items, but not Nazi items.

The German Army (Wehrmacht), Air Force (Luftwaffe), Navy (Kriegs Marine), and even some of the German "Elite" units were not inherent Nazi organizations. Some were. Fact: Germans, by mere hereditary inference alone, even while in uniform in WWII, were not all Nazis - in the same way that every Jew is not necessarily, Jewish. Confusing, isn't it?

That's the way some politicos like it, evidently. One thing I do know, GI servicemen, in many cases a Jew, or whatever, thought these items important enough to bring home. All of this "talk" about showing or not showing Nazi eagled or symbols is but recent mire.

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