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World War II: 1939 ~ 1945
United States of America (All Branches)
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Selling Price: $2385 - Postage in the U.S.A. is: $25
100% Original.

No issues. Pristine sample from top to bottom. This Reed Green tunic is immaculate.

When the war began in 1939, it was never envisioned that the Wehrmacht would be operating in a wide variety of climates.

One of the items created early on was a tropical reed green tunic and pants set for use in the hot climes. The item is a beauty, and has no rips, tears or repairs.

It has no hidden surprises. There is no soiling and no odors. There are no moth nips. No damage of any kind. There is no abuse and it is mint. All buttons intact. The work is impeccable as to sew and markings. Crisp markings.

Never been washed or worn. Zero neck or any wear. New fabric sheen to it. The fabric is sturdy with no issues. The item is a "Clean" sample, and guaranteed original.

Official description is: DAK EM's TROPICAL FIELD BLOUSE. Lighter weight, ribbed Reed Green/Olive, cotton twill construction field blouse features a vertical five button front closure with small opened, fold back, peak lapels and a lay down collar.

The field blouse has four, non-pleated, front pockets with straight edged button down flaps. The breast pockets are the basic patch type while the hip pockets are the saddlebag type with expanding side panels. The right breast has a machine woven national eagle in light blue/gray or mouse gray threads on a cutout, woven coppery/tan ribbed rayon base.

The eagle is machine stitched ZIG-ZAG to the field blouse. Both the front and the back of the field blouse have dual, vertical, tapering darts and the reverse also has a central vertical tail skirt vent. The side panels each have three vertically aligned, stitched eyelets situated at the waistline for the belt support hooks. The sleeves have vertical outside seam slashes at the cuffs with dual fit adjustments buttons.

The pebbled, magnetic sheet metal shoulder strap retaining buttons and fabric loops are intact. The lay down collar has the typical zig-zag reinforcement stitching to the reverse.

The collar has the general issue, EM/NCO's tropical pattern collar tabs as introduced in late 1940.

The machine woven rayon collar tabs feature blue/gray litzen and coppery/tan branch of service and center stripes. The collar tabs are machine stitched directly to the collar with no backing.

The unlined interior has lightweight, olive drab, cotton reinforcement panels to each side panel with a short vertical strap to each side with six stitched eyelets for the belt support hooks. The right forward tail skirt panel has a lightweight, olive drab, cotton field-dressing pocket with a single button closure. The interior left breast panel is well marked with the sizes.

As to size, perhaps the codes will be of help in the photo, but it measures a medium long.

The chest circumference at the armpits is 43 inches. The shoulder seam to cuff is 25.75 inches, when 24 is a regular and 25 is long, so it is actually a very gracious long sleeve.

The waist is 39 inches at its minimum inch circumference. The rear seam from the center seam at the lower skirt hem to the neck collar rear center at the seam where it meets the jacket and collar is 30 inches.

The shoulder blade rear panel from the one end of the epaulet loop to the other is 36 inches. It is between a medium and a large. But a solid long length. I will describe more on the cloth BeVo woven chest eagle is described in the ad on that item.

RB number is shown, and undated date, a distinct rarity. Of Note:

The RB numbers, Reichsbetriebnummer, (National factory code numbers), were introduced in late 1942 and were intended to replace the manufacturers marks on garments and equipment to conceal the manufactures name and location from the allies, to prevent bombing raids on German industrial factories.

You cannot physically upgrade over this item's condition. Impossible. If I were to make but any observations, it would be a small speck or so of light pin size points under the front right pocket, looks like a speck or so of talcum powder.

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