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World War II: 1939 ~ 1945
United States of America (All Branches)
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Selling Price: $1185 - Postage in the U.S.A. is: $15
If you collect German Dress Daggers, etc. If you want a Police School dress bayonet, then this is the top of the school items that you could possibly afford. As to names - This is IT! The twin large oval stamped trademark on this piece tells us it was manufactured pre 1935! It is a true era Polizei dress dagger rather than an Imperial model that was cut down.

This is also known as the * Polizei Seitengewehr, it is a rare maker logo issue 19 inch Eagle Head pommel dress bayonet.

The reverse ricasso is etched with the seldom seen early oval trademark of "Carl Eickhorn Solingen". The serrated tail Eickhorn logo is by far, the most uncommonly seen - and is 100% correct.

It consists of two oval circles which trap the firm's name and location, "Carl Eickhorn Solingen" and inside, is a squirrel with a serrated tail. Sometimes labeled as a Model 1939/45 * Police Bayonet. This example comes with the cross guard marked P.Bg.197., so it is a Brandenburg, unit number 197 issue item.

Both the scabbard and the blade are marked with the same manufacturing number M 391.

The overall condition is exceptional, plus. Prussian police units are far extremely collectable. The scabbard retains its large setscrew, leather is in good condition, and ball fitting at the tip has almost insignificant use.

Bone grips have above average detail, as does the police eagle on it, the pommel on this one is the solid type with no slot. These were never meant as bayonets, but some of the less noble examples have bayonet slots, because they were later, conversions from regular bayonets.

So mine is a plus, as it was made as the dress model, and not converted one. The spine of the blade and the spine of the pommel/back handle are stamped "M 391". Overall, very fine markings all the way around, no poor stampings. All metal parts are plated, grips are true stag.

On the spine of the blade there is also a mark that is the sunburst with the large, "K" below it. Blade has some extremely minor superficial scratches on the very end alone.

This blade has never been sharpened. Overall this Police dress bayonet is a strong example, a solid 9.5 out of ten. Minor wear, and certainly no abuse.

The hilts are steel construction, single rearward-swept lower quillon, bird's-head pommel; metal hilt components ornately decorated; Eagle and wreath on the grips. Scabbard is brown leather, colored black-leather with plated steel throat and drag. Not stiff, pliable leather.

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