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World War II: 1939 ~ 1945
United States of America (All Branches)
Named Lots & Groupings

Selling Price: $2385 - Postage in the U.S.A. is: $30
This was a NOK: Next-Of-Kin, buy!

Here we have a beautiful creation. The documentation is impeccable. A really odd item in that it is not the typical insignia worn by the Wehrmacht.

I have consistently heard the pure black, borderless decals were SS-Feldgendarmerie. This vet's outfit only operated against the Wehrmacht and the SS. The item is non-impeachable. He obviously looted items from wherever.

The helmet came from the family of the 2003 deceased Roy Marsh, an 83rd Infantry Division soldier in the 330th Infantry Regiment, and we all know they fought the Fallschirmjagers in Normandy. Then marched into the German southern flank at full steam in 1944. They rolled over every unit in their path and the SS were taken right along with every other form of resistance.

The family did not even know their Dad had these items in his possession until the mother was moved into a care home and they found the famous foot locker where the helmet and a trove of other nice items was located. I was garage sailing that day.

Early, classic dark field green, double decal, heavy grade combat field police helmet. This is a whopper, the shell is an SE68, and the liner is a solid 61 since it fits me identically to my other 61s, although it is not marked as such. The circumference of the liner is 23.5 inches.

It also has a very rare, 9 finger liner!

No defects, and the decals look so good that at first you'll question them, until you get out the jewelers loop and see how they are subtly, age oxidized from beneath, the eagle and wreath are silver foil, and they are over slight chips or abrasions that reveal the original coatings of the helmet beneath.

The decals are crisp and detailed, and this black borderless is officially termed the: 2ND pattern unbordered police decal, that some attribute to SS units.

A heavy, steel, field police helmet that is perfect. Unmessed with, original, guaranteed.

The liner is 1936 dated! Original drawstring.

The chinstrap is the original, and is unmarked.

Perfect, early square chinstrap buckles, not the rounded ones. There is no oxidation on the buckles or any of the hardware, and the liner is soft and extremely pliable. The decals are both 99 percent, and the shell is a 92 or better percent.

The color is that classic, early apple green that was so adaptable for field use.

Oh, other important fact. I have letters from the vet where he talks about planning on getting a helmet for his father. Two letters on the subject. Among other things he discussed. All Wartime dated and stamped in the covers. Dated! I also have another letter where he discussed finding the dead German Policeman. He describes that his dog never left his side. Even as they approached. That letter of the dead German Policeman is not for sale with this helmet, but the other two letters are included - ALSO THE ALL IMPORTANT CAPTURE PAPER IS INCLUDED!!!!

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