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Selling Price: $3850 - Postage in the U.S.A. is: $15
I believe this to be a COLE. WWII Cole 9 Point Knuckle Knife. M.H. Cole made between 50 to 75 of the early 9 point knives. The majority of these early knives did not come with the later sheaths made by the Black Horse Leather Shop. The knife is unmarked, which is correct. Cole did not mark the early WWII knives. I've had this in my collection for some 35 plus years. I picked it up in Florida in the mid-1980's at a gun show, from a relative of the vet and I don't remember if it was from his grandson, or what, but the knife was originally purchased by the veteranís own father, who gave it to the vet when he went overseas as a Ranger.

Remember, brass materials were banned during the war for private use, like the brass for these knuckles. I can't help but note that the excellent symmetry and the attention to detail.

The brass knuckle part is perfectly done and the rig was made for someone with a large grip. Now comes the good part.

I purchased this because the item appears to have been made by someone who knew that a knife was used most of the time as a tool, not a weapon. This is like a shovel! The blade is 8 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches and about 1/6th of an inch thick.

This could have been used like a crow bar its so massive. The grips have no cracks. Once you hold it you will never let it go! When I bought the blade it had no sheath, so I had one made as per the look of the era.

The sheathís hanger hook is from a WWII, gray anodized hanger from a pistol belt Carlisle bandage holder, WWII era. I also placed a Gerber sharpening steel in the holder on the sheath as well.

The sheath can accept a pistol belt through the back of the sheath or a normal belt, or you can use the hanger. The strap hanger is from a WWII mounted canteen, another rare item. A beauty of this rig is that the blade still holds a nice edge.

There is some signs of slight age, but cleans up if you do it right, but I always kept the original edge and never attempted to shine it or sharpen it.

I have been told by some that it is a COLE, others disagree. I just know one thing. It WAS carried by a US Ranger in WWII. No BS, just the facts. I don't know if he was a D-Day man, or even the Pacific. All I know is that it is a beauty!

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