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World War II: 1939 ~ 1945
United States of America (All Branches)
Named Lots & Groupings

Selling Price: $735 - Postage in the U.S.A. is: $12
This is a pre- Caterpillar Club and Goldfish Club of WWII offering that is rarer by far than almost anything similar out there. Why, simple. You will see a few thousand Caterpillar Club certificate and pins to one of these "types" of documents. What do I mean by "Type", again - simple. Punch in the term, "Rip Cord Club" on the web and what you find are no more than a dozen or so articles that talk about the "Rip Cord Club of the World".

Notice that the word "World" is what is found. You will then find there is "NO" mention of the "Rip Cord Club of the United States" I have to admit, this is a very, very rare offering.

It comes with three total documents:

The first is an absolutely stupendous (and just under 8 inches by just under 10 inches in size) diploma that is entitled, "Rip Cord Club of the United States" diploma dated 1937

and NUMBERED as 312!

The certificate is a pebble-grain photograph, with some custom calligraphy identifying "Hamilton Field" in California, where the act of glory took place, and the particulars filled in black quill pen.

The next certificate diploma is for the ever rarer and coveted 8.5" x 11" "PARACHUTE RIGGER" course that he graduated from in Chanute Field in Illinois in December of 1932. That is very, very early. I enclose a few images of early jumps in Chanute that I found on the web - they are not part of this offering.

The last document is another 8.5" x 11" Airplane Mechanics course from October 1932 that was also at Chanute.

All items are listed to the same man, JAMES R. WRIGHT, 6545946, PRIVATE 9TH BOMBARDMENT SQUADRON. This guy shows up on the web as Master Sergeant, born in Texas and with a last enlistment date of November 21st of 1945. and having enlisted at HAMILTON FIELD, CALIFORNIA. I have found nothing else on this man.

These items are forever guaranteed to be 100% original, from the man listed and from the dates assigned. The US Government form numbers on the two school certificates are from 1929 and 1930.

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